1. All players may transfer between Mutant Tribe clans whenever they want, as long as they meet the requirements for that clan.

    • For example, in our war clans, all players must participate in wars. In Mutant X, to opt out, you can move to Mutant Z to participate in war while your heroes are upgrading. In Mutant Z, to opt out, you can move to Mutant F to optionally participate in farming wars. If you want to take a break, you can move to Mutant 0, our “vacation” clan.
  2. To participate in a war clan’s CWL, you must have participated in at least 50% of all eligible wars in that season (combined from all war clans).

Mutant X — #28P220JCVSerious War Clan

Mutant X is the main war clan in Mutant Tribe, geared toward experienced war players. The requirements and expectations are more strict than the other clans, but we are still laid back and understand people have other things to do outside of Clash.

Mutant Z — #28GV2ULLCCasual War Clan (Feeder)

Mutant Z is the “feeder” clan to Mutant X. We accept lower town hall levels, more rushed bases, and warring with heroes down. The goal is for these players to level up their base offense and defense, get more experience in war, and when they are ready, optionally move to Mutant X.

Mutant F — #28CURUCQYFarming Clan

Mutant F is our Mutant Farming clan. Some people just want a break from war, but still want to continue leveling up their base offense and defense. This is the clan for them. The goal is for these players to finish leveling up, and then move back to one of our war clans (Mutant X or Mutant Z).

Mutant 0 — #29Q9YY2CYVacation Clan

Mutant 0 is our “vacation” clan. It is for players that need a break from the game, but want to stay connected with the tribe for when they rejoin.

Mutant U — #28PPVYVG8Training Clan

Coming Soon — Mutant U is our “University” training clan.

Mutant L — #2Y20J9QPGLeague War Clan

Coming Soon — Mutant L is our most serious warring clan, that participates in official League wars.

Clan Comparison Chart

Mutant Tribe Clans Chart