Q1. Is this a serious war clan, or a chill social clan?

A1. The mission of Mutant X is to prepare and train people to be the best warriors at their TH level: learning every attack strategy, and how to build strong bases. We focus more on effort, teachability, and learning, than on actual war outcomes (although we do try to win as much as possible). We strive to have a chill social environment, and do not tolerate mean or toxic personalities.

Q2. When do we start the wars?

A2. We spin (start war search) on Sun, Tue, & Thur at 4pm PDT. Battle days start 23 hours after matching (so around 4-5pm, Mon, Wed, & Fri).

Q3. Can I be in the war (or CWL)?

A3. Yes. Set your “Clan Wars” preference to “I’m In” (green), and we will put you in war.

Q4. What happens if I miss a war attack?

A4. If a member misses (fails to use) one or more war attacks, they will be kicked from the clan for 24 hours.

Q5. I need to sit out next war, is that ok? What about the next 2 or 3 wars?

A5. If you need to sit out for a war or two, opt out by setting your “Clan Wars” preference to the red “I’m Out” option. Any player that had opted in when the war search started must use their attacks. Opting out should be rare — only for real-world things such as vacations, hospitalizations, etc. There’s rarely any reason to opt out because you are upgrading buildings or troops. Even if your AQ is down, you can still war and do cleanup attacks on lower THs.

Q6. Can I move on to the next TH level? If so, can I stay in the clan?

A6. Only move to the next TH level if your current TH is completely maxed out - all offense and defense. If you aren’t sure, ask a Co-Leader to check. We do not allow rushed bases. See Town Hall Requirements for more details.

Q7. Which base should I attack? My mirror? The “suggested target”?

A7. Disregard the “suggested target” given to you by the game — you know better than it does. Also, pay no attention to the ranking of opponent bases (e.g. your mirror). They are ranked according to defensive weight, which may only coincidentally align with your attack strength.

Instead, find the highest base which you think you can 3 star. If it’s your first (of two) attacks, you can even drop down one lower to ensure the 3 star. If you succeed at that one, your second attack can be the one above it. Otherwise, drop down lower.

Keep in mind that our goal is to maximize the total number of stars for the team to ensure the win. So make sure to attack bases which will help the team net the most stars give the other attacks still remaining. If all bases are 3-starred, attack a harder base than usual in order to gain practice. Clan leaders may ask some people to do scout attacks to reveal traps and clan castle troops to help another attacker get the 3 stars.

Q8. When should I attack in war?

A8. Attack as soon as possible! People above you in the lineup are waiting on you to attack. Leaders may ask some people to hold off on attacking while waiting for other attackers to go first.