At the end of each Clan War League, prizes will be awarded using a lottery system. Throughout the season, players will be rewarded “lottery tickets” for various accomplishments. A random drawing will be held, and the winning players will choose from the remaining prizes.

Prizes 🎁

  • Bonus League Medals (8+ prizes) ⚜️
  • Season Gold Pass 🎫1
  • Professional War Base 🏭
  • 1200 Gems πŸ’Ž1
  • 2500 Gems πŸ’Ž1

1 sent with Google or Apple gift card

Lottery Tickets 🎟

Lottery tickets are rewarded for the following accomplishments earned throughout the season:

War Participation πŸ›‘

A player will earn 1 lottery ticket for each account participating in war (up to a max of the # of wars since the previous CWL).

3 Star Attacks βš”οΈ

A player will earn 5 lottery tickets for each new 3 star they earn in regular war, 10 tickets for each new 3 star in CWL, and 5 tickets for each new 2 star in CWL. The # of tickets will be divided by the # of accounts participating in that war (a max of 10 per war).

Clan Games 🎯

A player will earn 1 ticket for each 500 points earned in Clan Games from their highest scoring account.

Recruiting πŸ‘ͺ

A Recruiting Leader will get 5 CWL lottery tickets for each new player they recruit who joins the clan.

Refer a Friend 🧍

A player who refers a friend to join Mutant Tribe will receive 5 tickets, and their friend will receive 5 tickets too!1

1 The friend must participate in CWL for any tickets to be awarded.

Kudos πŸ‘

After each war, each co-leader and leader may, at their discretion, opt to give a lottery ticket to one player for noteworthy contributions to the clan that are not rewarded otherwise. Examples of noteworthy contributions include, but are not limited to: an amazing attack that didn’t quite get the 3 star, great improvement in war, practicing war attacks, helping teammates, donating troops, participating in communication on Discord, great scout attacks for someone else to get the 3 star, helping with team unity and motivation, etc. A player may only receive one kudos ticket per war.

Penalties 🚫

  • Any player who misses a war attack, will receive -25 tickets during regular wars and -75 tickets during CWL for each missed attack.
  • Any player who does not follow the War Guide and any specific War Plan, will receive -25 tickets.
  • Any player who participates in Clan Games, must get at least 500 points, else will receive -50 tickets.