1. Participate in wars.
  2. Communicate on Discord.
  3. Be excellent to each other… and party on!

Participate in wars.

Members must do both war attacks, following the War Guide. If a member misses (fails to use) one or more war attacks, or does not follow the War Guide, or any specific instructions given by the leaders, they will be kicked from the clan for 24 hours. Members must participate in at least 50% of all eligible wars per season to remain in the clan.

Communicate on Discord.

Members must frequently read and respond in our Discord server to facilitate communication. When first joining in Discord, the ѕесrеt раѕѕрhrаѕе is “seek first to understand”.

Be excellent to each other…

Be kind and humble. Help each other get better at wars. Donate before requesting. Be active and friendly. Act with compassion. Be teachable. Be mature. Follow Mutant Family Clan Member Code of Conduct and Supercell’s Safe and Fair Play guidelines.

…and party on!

Have fun. Don’t create drama. Be laid-back and easy-going. Celebrate our wins, and treat our losses as opportunities to get better.