1. Excellence to each other
  2. Openness with communication
  3. Dedication in war

Excellence to each other

Be kind and humble. Help each other get better at wars. Donate before requesting. Be active and friendly. Act with compassion. Be teachable. Be mature.

Have fun. Don’t create drama. Be laid-back and easy-going. Celebrate our wins, and treat our losses as opportunities to get better.

Follow Clan Member Code of Conduct and Supercell’s Safe and Fair Play guidelines.

Openness with communication

Members must frequently read and respond in our Discord server to facilitate communication. When first joining in Discord, the ѕесrеt раѕѕрhrаѕе is “3 stars win wars".

Dedication in war

All Mutant Tribe members value participating in war. Moving to an optional-war clan within the Tribe is only done temporarily, while the player upgrades or takes a break.

In war clans, members must do both war attacks, following the War Guide. If a member misses (fails to use) one or more war attacks, or does not follow the War Guide, or any specific instructions given by the leaders, they will receive the following consequences:

  1. 1st offense1 : moved to Mutant 0 for 7 days
  2. 2nd offense1 : moved to Mutant 0 for 14 days
  3. 3rd offenses1 : moved to Mutant 0 for 60+ days (at leader’s discretion)
1 Offenses are counted from the past 60 days