Preparation Day

Clan Castle Troops

We make it harder for our opponents by having unpredictable troops in our defensive clan castles. Choose a good set of troops that work well with your base, and update your cc request message with the specific troops.

Filling Clan Castles

Follow the War Plan, which guides you to fill the War CC below your rank on the map.

Battle Day

Optimal War Strategy

The optimal strategy is to start at the bottom — our weakest attackers hit the weakest targets until they are 3-starred and then work up. Any attacker who cannot 3-star scouts very high or 2-stars the top. Higher attackers clean up lower if needed, or if not, they continue working up the map.

This strategy is optimal, but requires very good coordination which is difficult having people in different time zones, and different times when they can attack.

Therefore, we should try to approximate this optimal strategy by estimating what the players below us will be capable of doing. If you can wait until the lower players have attacked, that would be best. If you can’t, look at how many lower attacks are left, estimate which of the non-3-starred THs will be able to be 3-starred with those attacks, and then choose the next target up.

Attack as soon as possible, especially if you are one of the lowest left to attack, since everyone higher is waiting on you. TH9s and below should do both attacks within the first 8 hours. TH10s should do both attacks within the first 16 hours. TH11s+ communicate to decide a precise plan for the top.

Depending on how the war is going, a Co-Leader may lay out a more specific or different war strategy. Always check on the #planning Discord channel to see if any modifications have been made.

Clan Castle Troops

Request specific CC troops that complement your army composition.

Calling Bases

You must use the /call command in the appropriate #bot-comm Discord channel to reserve a base for up to 1 hour while you train your army or plan the attack. During CWL, we use the in-game flags to call a base in some clans.

Do not attack a base that is currently reserved. You can check the #bot-comm and #war-log channels to verify if a base is still within the 1-hour reservation or not. Typing /war or /lineup in the #bot-comm channel will show you the latest information.

Attack Strategy and Plan

Members must attack with complete war armies (troops, spells, heroes, and cc), and attempt to maximize stars for the team to ensure the win. An attacker should only attack as high as they are reasonably certain they can 3 star. Scouts and practice attacks are allowed at the discretion of the co-leaders. Loot attacks are not allowed, and will result in a kick.

If you are not experienced with good war attack strategies, or are unsure about which attack strategy to use against a particular base, or what the best plan of attack is, reach out in the #planning Discord channel to ask for help. It’s good to take a screenshot and mark it up with the attack plan, so it’s easier for people to understand and discuss.

Supercell Clan War League (CWL)

The strategy for CWL wars is a bit different. Since each base only gets one attack, there are no cleanup attacks (unless a low base gets 0 stars for some weird reason). The order people attack in doesn’t matter nearly as much. For a detailed description of all the strategy differences for CWL, see “The clan leader’s CWL survival guide” on Reddit.